Sat is the grand finale to the Om-Tat-Sat trio, a final quality assurance before the act is delivered to its rightful beneficiary.

Sat denotes Truth. Purity. Nobility. Divine.

Any deed, thought, agent, person, act or role Pre-fixed by Tat becomes purity personified. For example, in Sanskrit, Sat-Guru means the infallible teacher, Sat-Karm means noble deed, Sat-Vichar means pious thoughts etc.

While Om and Tat vouch for our commitment and integrity toward the act, Sat helps us filter out any impurity on account of third party agents, unexpected external actors and unanticipated pollutants that could blemish our act. As an agent, we are responsible for the final goods (aka tasks) delivered to the “Principal” and therefore Sat helps us make that final certification before the submission. It is the process of dotting the I’s, cutting the T’s, including annexures, designing the cover page, outlining the caveats and affixing the final quality label that says – “Self Certified.”

Sat defines the vibes associated with each karma that we deliver – stated or unstated. It separates the chaff from the wheat. It determines if the book is as good as its cover. It alone provides us the bridge to liberation. There are no auditors or third line of defense. YOU ARE the three lines of defense.

In the context of Om-Tat-Sat, Sat is the final word on whether we followed our dharma or not. It determines if our delivery would be “returned” as “bad sales” or rated as five star. The practical outcomes of believing in the philosophy of Sat are as follows:

  • I certify quality – We assess our acts to be devoid of self interest, greed, head fake, avarice, contempt or frailty. We make full disclosures of any caveats or fie prints that need to accompany the delivery. We accept our limitations and weaknesses that be, in being transparent, honest and committed to the act, to the best of our ability.
  • I stand up to my values – We move beyond peer pressure. We embark upon self-discovery to define what is truthful for us. We stop blaming others for our acts. We establish gold standards for our enterprise and account for defects that could affect our delivery. We stop turning a blind eye to what could compromise our stance.
  • I am the gate keeper – In effort to make an impeccable delivery of our karma, we not only endeavor to keep our channel clean (through Tat), we also become gatekeepers to ward off pollution from outside environment. We own up our choices to let in or let out what meets or fails our standards. We are no longer attached to kith and kin, relationships, blood ties, social or moral obligations in following our dharma. We vouch to only deliver an act that is most truthful, pious, noble and pure to the best of our knowledge and capability.

Sat therefore is the gold standard of all karma delivered.