Om-Tat-Sat is the eternal mantra to realize one’s purpose in life by leveraging the unbound energy all around us (Om), dedicating all our deeds to the divine (Tat) and affixing a quality label to all our actions self-certifying them to be free from vested interests, frailties or vices (Sat). I discovered the magic of Om-Tat-Sat in calibrating the triggers for my actions, exciting the recipient of my deeds and ensuring fulfillment of life-goals aligned with nature’s rhythm.

Om Tat Sat-iti nirdesho brahman-s-trividhah smritah

Brahmanas-ten Vedashch Yagyashch Vihitah Purah

Gita 17:23

The Divine has manifested itself with Om-Tat-Sat causing the creation of Knowledge, Universe and Enterprise

There are infinite resources available to harness in realizing my potential.
All I need to do is to listen to my inner self and tune with the energies that cosmos has to offer.

All my deeds are directed to the Divine.
I am neither the cause, owner or recipient of outcome of my karma.
I am just a channel to allow the flow of Divinity through me..

Just like pure water, all my deeds, thoughts and conduct are devoid of self interest, desire or vices.
I offer quality assurance for each act surrendered to the Divine.

I started reading Gita around 2004, but it was only in 2020 that I ingrained the infallible mantra of Om-Tat-Sat that has since become my guiding beacon in life. I now strive to calibrate my thoughts, deeds and conduct according to the eternal wisdom contained in Om-Tat-Sat! I am happy to share my thoughts with this renewed perspective.

Avinash Kumar